A Juror Must Fold in on Herself

WINNER, 2020 Rattle Chapbook Prize

$6.00 https://www.rattle.com/chapbooks/a-juror-must-fold-in-on-herself/

“Prepare to be dazzled by Kathleen McClung’s bravura performance in A Juror Must Fold in on Herself. In this thoughtful, elegant, wry examination of our courts, McClung deploys a menagerie of forms: the villanelle, the pantoum, the rondeau, the cento, and the ghazal.”

–George Higgins

Cover of Temporary Kin

Temporary Kin


$10.95 http://www.barefootmuse.com/temporary-kin.htm

“This may be a small chapbook, but it’s a huge tour de force, containing four sonnet crowns and four villanelles. Technically, it’s stunning, as McClung riffs with form and plays with sounds like a skilled musician. There’s much pleasure to be had in her deft use of rhyme, her sprung rhythm, her word play….Dazzling and unforgettable!”

–Barbara Crooker

Cover of The Typists Play Monopoly

The Typists Play Monopoly


$17.00 https://kelsaybooks.com/products/the-typists-play-monopoly

“It takes a rare poet to write poems like these, using traditional verse forms to honor the lives we don’t see. In sestinas, villanelles, centos, and three masterful crowns of sonnets, McClung chronicles what we might otherwise miss with compassion, intelligence, and sure-footed grace….I don’t know which I admire more: the mastery of craft or the perceptive sensibility of the poet.”

–Holly J. Hughes

Cover of Almost the Rowboat

Almost the Rowboat


$14.00 https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/almost-the-rowboat-by-kathleen-mcclung/

“This excellent collection offers many succinct glimpses of deeply lived lives. In verse both formal and free, these poems explore the small moments that illuminate even the most seemingly ordinary of experiences, capturing their particularities and gentle ironies… In addition to a fine ear and a discerning eye, McClung has a steady and penetrating heart.”

–Jean Hegland