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Kathleen with author Maureen Murdock in Santa Barbara, California.

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Finishing Line Press

Green Poet Press

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The Healing Muse

PMS: poemmemoirstory

Tule Review



The Writing Salon

Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition

Poetry Center of San Jose  

The Ina Coolbrith Circle in honor of California’s first poet laureate

California Poets

First Wednesday Formal

Marin Poetry Center

Cultural Center of Cape Cod Poetry Competition

Salem College Center for Women Writers
International Literary Awards

Crossroads Irish-American Festival

Events photos friends2

Soul-Making contest award winners Li Miao Lovett, Ellen Woods, and Lyzette Wanzer with Kathleen in San Francisco.


Maureen Murdock

Li Miao Lovett

Jean Hegland

Connie Post

Eileen Malone

Ethel Rohan

Tara Masih

Kathleen de Azevedo

Holly J. Hughes

Lyzette Wanzer

Jeanne Wagner

Judy Wells

Susan Cohen